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Welcome to the histology website.  The histology material for most of the blocks you will be studying is on this site.  To get into the Block you want, click on its name above. 

Once you have entered a block, you will find small images interspersed in the writing. The images have been scanned from the slides in your collection.  If you click on the image, you will get a larger version of the same image and the accompanying legend. To get back to the text, click on the blue Back To line.

In addition to the blocks, we have created a special, self-study unit for the basic tissues.  All  the organ systems that you will be studying are made up of these basic tissues.  Because the time spent learning about basic tissues in the first block (Development and Homeostasis) is very short, students get only a very cursory introduction to them before being launched into the study of the organ systems in subsequent blocks.  The  self-study unit was created to give you some background information about the basic tissues before you start on your studies and to serve as a resource for review  throughout.  Its purpose is to facilitate your learning-it would not be productive to try to memorize everything in this unit at the beginning of your studies.

The histology instructors will be happy to assist you with any questions. Good luck in your studies.  


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